The lighting solutions you purchase from Wish Designs USA are built not just to be beautiful, but to be safe and reliable, which is why all of our products are UL Certified. Not all products have this certification. While non UL listed lighting can’t be installed in new builds, getting your products UL certified technically isn’t “required”, so it’s an extra step that we take (and pay for) so our clients can trust our products’ safety and reliability. So what exactly is UL and what’s the full scope of what they ensure for our customers? Let’s find out.

What is UL Certification?

Artisan Light Bulb, Wish Designs USAThe UL (Underwriters Laboratory) mark on a product is trusted by consumers, regulators, and businesses around the globe, and that tiny logo can be found on over 22 million products worldwide. This not-for-profit certification agency has been providing a sense of security and comfort to people since 1894. As an Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recognized Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, their goal is to create safe living and working environments. This is accomplished by making sure that every product they test meets certain safety and quality requirements. They do more though. According to UL, “Our comprehensive services include certifications of a product, facility, process or system to industry-wide standards and requirements recognized by UL.”

UL currently has over 40 types of certifications; safety, for which they have 1,614 set standards, is included. They provide certifications, such as ECOLOGO®, that benefit the environment and certifications that benefit life and health such as the Wellness certification, which ensures that tested products meet WELL Building Standard requirements. Manufacturers apply for product testing and receive certain safety marks, which include UL Listed, Classified, or Recognized.

How do products become UL certified?

Branchelier, Artisan Chandelier, Wish Designs USAOnce a product is accepted for certification and certification fees are paid, UL begins evaluating the product for safety based on a battery of testing designed to test and ensure that the product fulfills OSHA and ANSI standards. After testing the product, UL either deems the product to be in compliance with requirements and standards, or rejects it based on lack of compliance with those standards. Once UL verifies the product is safe and adheres to OSHA and ANSI standards, a certificate is issued by UL to the product’s manufacturer authorizing the placement of the UL logo to all manufactured products. The UL logo represents that the product has been tested and approved by UL to adhere to OSHA, ANSI, and other standards. After initial testing, UL representatives make unannounced visits to complete audits ensuring the manufacturer of the certified product follows all relevant guidelines and remains in compliance with UL standards.

Why is it important to purchase UL certified lighting?

Branchelier, Artisan Chandelier, Wish Designs USAThe number one reason is safety – safety from things like shock hazards, risk of fire, biological hazards caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation, and more. Regulations are constantly changing, discoveries are being made, safety standards are improving. The only way to trust that you’re purchasing lighting that won’t put you or your clients’ well-being at risk is to ensure that it meets all safety regulations, and UL certified lighting like ours does just that.

UL performance tests help brands like ours demonstrate compliance with industry, national and international standards, using data from an objective, independent source. Performance is tested by simulating anticipated everyday usage in controlled laboratory settings, providing objective confirmation of lighting product performance claims. Testing includes:

  • Photometry (IES, EN, UNI)
  • Claims verification
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Lifetime
  • Environmental
  • Extreme temperatures
  • High humidity
  • Moisture/rain
  • Research and development (R&D) testing

A UL certification is proof of our lighting products’ safety, and having this certification means that you can rest easy knowing that what you’re installing in your home or business won’t cause safety issues. This is just one of the many reasons you can trust Wish Designs to illuminate your next design project. Click here to browse our UL certified lighting, or Contact us today!