How natural lighting trends, farmhouse chandeliers, and productive partnerships make 2020 an enlightening year:

Interior designer: Nuance Interior Designs
Product focus: Farmhouse Chandeliers
Residential interior spaces
Locations featured:
Monkey Island, OK | Wichita, KS | Grove, OK

The common thread to any space is lighting. The way it is woven into a room’s design is often the way a fine piece of jewelry enhances a beautiful piece of clothing— capturing its colors and essence in exquisite ways. Unlike jewelry, though, lighting is a required element for a space, but that’s no excuse for going with something that is purely basic and functional. The types of lighting fixtures on the market are vast and updated often depending on what is currently en vogue; however, we believe in the timeless beauty of the chandelier. And we’ve found that there is a clear trend in chandeliers. They transcend functionality and often become a focal point in the room, blurring the lines between fixtures and art.

Why are they so popular? It’s simple. The flexibility of artisan chandeliers work well within any space, and the positioning of the bulbs often provide a versatile lighting—both moderate and bright—emphasizing the high points of the room. Our twig farmhouse chandeliers are especially versatile. We have seen them shine in both ultra-rustic and ultra-modern style designs. Plus, they are endlessly customizable. The only limit is the designer’s imagination!

Natural Elements

A classic, but growing trend in interior design is to involve natural elements in home decor. Natural materials for interior lighting can include all manner of elements: straw, wood, cane, and cork—materials that feel organic and work with many other interiors. Our chandeliers are crafted similar to that of a great floral arrangement. They are handmade from authentic, hickory branch and can be used in transitional interiors from rustic to modern, traditional to contemporary and in a variety of applications from mountain cabin to urban chic to beach settings.

A Unique Alternative

Enter Nuance Interior Designs. We have been privileged to work with Amber Benson and her team for several years. She has chosen our chandeliers and sconces in many of her projects.

The Coves Project

Product: Briarwood, White Finish

One of Nuance’s clients purchased a spacious but dated lakefront home. Nuance helped them design a space that was light and livable, with a functional floor plan that maximized their incredible view of the lake. The selection of our chandelier was the first decor piece chosen in the renovation, and the rest of the design took its cue as Nuance transformed the space into a modern and rustic design scheme.

Wish Designs Modern White Branch Chandelier

Farmhouse Project

Product: Appalachian, White + Natural Finish

This home, which happens to belong to Amber herself, the owner of Nuance, combines soothing neutral tones with a variety of interesting textures. to create a modern, yet rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

When it came time to select light fixtures for her home, Amber chose Wish Designs USA for three very prominent places throughout her home.

Wish Designs Modern Branch Chandelier
Wish Designs Laundry Room Natural Finish Modern Branch Chandelier
Wish Designs, Modern Branch Chandelier

Luxe Lodge Project

Product: Appalachian, Natural Finish

Warm hues and luxurious dark woods create a sense of luxury and elegance for Nuance’s project in Wichita, Kansas. In the main area of the home, the unique branched chandeliers form an eye-catching centerpiece, while stone accents on parts of the wall lend a rustic vibe.

Wish Designs Modern White Branch Chandelier

The Collaboration

Amber Benson is the lead designer and owner of Nuance Interior Designs in Grove, OK. She has been recognized as a premier designer based in Oklahoma, with clients all over the country. We spoke with her about partnering with Wish Designs USA on some of her projects.

Q. Why have you chosen these particular chandeliers for your clients?

A. Many of our clients want something that is both earthy and modern. They all want “wow” pieces. Wish Designs USA chandeliers break the mold of traditional lighting and always thrill our clients.

Q. As an interior designer, what is it like to work with Wish Designs USA?

A. We generally work with Merit, and she is a joy! She is very professional, and helpful. She makes the design process simple and customization a breeze.

Q. What do your clients like about these particular chandeliers?

A. They love the originality, and so do we!

Q. What makes Wish Designs USA unique in the industry?

A. Many people tend to go with basic, expected, or more traditional lighting. These lights are anything but! We love giving our clients something a little extra and special.

If you are interested in partnering with Wish Designs USA on any of your interior designs or renovations, please let us know. We are excited to showcase our collaborative process in future blog postings. Contact us today for more information on how we might enlighten your next project!