Not long ago, we were reading an article about where people from different generations and walks of life get their inspiration for the lighting in their homes—as you do when creating decorative chandeliers and rustic lighting fixtures is your passion!—And it got us thinking… Maybe you’re a homeowner looking for that perfect decorative chandelier or sconce to complete the feel of a room. Or you might be a designer looking for a centerpiece to anchor the theme of a project. Either way, we all need to get our inspiration from somewhere, right? So what are the most popular sources that spark ideas?

Inspired by Direct Experience

Just by paying attention to lighting as you live your life can play a big part in inspiring you. Lighting can be easy to take for granted. We were surprised to find out that only about 1 in 10 people cite friend and family homes as their main source of inspiration. So one way to find ideas is simply to be more mindful about the role lighting plays in places you visit. If you’re visiting a friend whose home feels warm and inviting, or crisp and refreshing, chances are, their lighting choices play a big part in that ambiance.

Hot Pink Twig Chandelier

Store showrooms are a popular source of inspiration for older homeowners. This comes with pros and cons. On the one hand, being able to see decorative chandeliers or wall sconces with your own eyes is pretty powerful. That’s why we’re happy to offer tours of our own showroom, for example. However, If you do go to a store to find ideas, a bit of caution is in order. Because they have so many lighting options on display, it’s easy to be dazzled and saturated. We recommend taking a moment with each piece that catches your eye to imagine it by itself in your home. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s a start.

Social Media and Decor Magazines

It came as no surprise to learn that younger homeowners are much more likely to find lighting inspiration online. Almost half of millenials surveyed said that social media was their main source of ideas. We think this is a great way to explore your options. Pinterest and Instagram are the most popular research destinations, with their image-forward approach. In fact, here at Wish Designs, we post ideas and images every week on both of those platforms, and others.

However, with social media getting all the buzz, we were surprised to learn that home décor magazines are holding steady. Magazines are a good source of inspiration because they’re often more polished and professional. The photos are guaranteed to be of excellent quality, with photographers paying special attention to accurately recreating the look and feel of a room, lighting included. Just keep in mind that you’re mostly going to see very “mainstream” stuff there.

Where Do You Find Inspiration for Decorative Lighting?

Lighting inspiration doesn’t have to be so literal. Sure, looking at what others are doing around us and online can work. But we all each have it in us to just close our eyes and imagine something different, something unique. From the warm and cozy glow cradled in an Aura’s nest of branches, to a celebratory explosion of light and color in any hue your heart desires, our twig chandeliers can bring to life concepts and feelings not found anywhere else.

So where have you found inspiration for the lighting in your home, business, wedding, or interior decorating project? We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest streams! And we hope you’ve found a little spark of inspiration for your decorative chandeliers here with us.