Branchelier Cleaning Tips

From time to time your Wish Designs Branchelier or Sconce may collect dust or unsightly cobwebs. Keep your new elegant accents clean by following these Branchelier cleaning tips.

Dust Wand

Whether your Wish Designs piece is painted or natural hickory wood, a dust wand is a simple way to keep your Branchelier or Sconce looking great. Brush away cobwebs and dust by simply running the dust wand over, around, and through the branches to keep them looking as good as new.

Canned Air

While the twigs may look fragile they are actually quite resilient. However, if you are still concerned about damaging a branch there are alternatives to cleaning your Branchelier or Sconce. Using canned air can be a great option for an easy Branchelier cleaning tip.


Another great option to clean your Wish Designs home decor is to use is a vacuum attachment. This is a great way to remove spiderwebs and dust that may be collecting on your Branchelier.

Overall, it is quite simple to keep your products looking great. Wish designs products are hand made in the USA and meet our high-quality standards. Our clients should expect years of beauty and elegance and our products have been featured in both residential and commercial applications for over 3 decades. We take pride in making sure you are completely satisfied with your products, so if you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Do you need some inspiration for a project your working on? Take a look at our gallery to see how are Branchelier Collection, Sconce Collection, and Artisan Rug collections have been featured.

We love to see our projects used in a variety of different applications. If you’d like to highlight or share a project you have designed with a Wish Designs product let us know!