Here at Wish Designs, we normally make twig and branch chandeliers, as you’re probably aware. But it isn’t too big of a jump from that sort of rustic design to an antler chandelier. We definitely do custom work! So when our client, Heather, contacted us last summer with a special request, we were excited to help her create a unique heirloom chandelier.

A Father’s Cherished Antler Collection

Collection of White Tail Deer Skulls and Antlers

Heather’s father had been an avid white-tail deer hunter in southwestern Pennsylvania. Over the years, he’d gathered a collection of over 30 skull and antler trophies. He even hand-annotated each trophy with the date and place that particular deer had been bagged. When he and his wife passed away, our client Heather and her husband inherited the collection. Like many people who inherit unusual but cherished things from passed loved-ones, they weren’t quite sure what to do with her father’s trophies. She didn’t want to just let them collect dust in storage, but… what do you do with something like these!?

Inspiration to Reality

Having seen our custom twig chandeliers, inspiration struck! Heather envisioned creating a chandelier for her home out of her father’s cherished collection. She knew that custom creations are one of our specialties here at Wish Designs, so she contacted us to see if we could make her dream come to life.

We thought this was a great opportunity to present our custom capabilities and our flexibility to work with different mediums! Her father’s passion could be showcased in a way that could easily become an heirloom as cherished to the family as the trophies of her father’s hunting had been to him. Of course, we didn’t just want to create a tangled mass of antlers and skulls… So we incorporated more than thirty trophies into one of our favorite chandelier designs.

A Unique Heirloom Antler Chandelier

The result was, we think you’ll agree, absolutely stunning! The fixture, when we finished it, measures 65 inches wide. That’s over five feet! It’s also 40 inches tall. It’s illuminated with 14 hand-dipped LED lights, and boasts over 30 hunting trophies!

Now, maybe this is your kind of thing… maybe it isn’t. But whether you’re a hunter or not, whether you’d want this kind of trophy hanging in your home or not, the point is that this is what we mean when we say custom creations are our speciality!

So… what does this inspire in you? We’d love to hear about your ideas and help you bring your unique custom lighting creation to life!