A Bright Idea That Will Lighten the Mood

Featuring: Wish Designs USA Twig Chandeliers and Sconces 


Wish Designs USA wanted to introduce a bright idea. Let’s brighten up your space with some new lighting. With the warmer seasons quickly approaching, bright and airy living spaces continue to take an upward trend in the design world. According to Furniture Today analytics, one-third of consumers are opting for new lighting whether that be new table lamps or ceiling light fixtures. This is music to our ears considering how much we have to offer our consumers. Let’s talk about some of our customizable chandeliers and our gorgeous sconces that will really brighten up your space. 


Wish Designs USA prides itself on creating original chandeliers, catering every design effort towards your specific needs. Under our “Twig Chandelier” section of our website, you will find that we currently offer 20+ designs. You can navigate our website depending on what sizes you are looking for, regular or large. We help your imagination run wild with all of these design options. Whether you want your staple piece to be rustic or modern, traditional or contemporary, we’ve got your back. The 2021 Houzz & Home study confirmed that when renovating a space, lighting is a frequent choice. Trust Wish Designs USA for your lighting fixture purchase.


If a big light-fixture renovation project is not what you’re looking for, travel on over to our “Twig Sconces” webpage. Looking for accent lighting with a unique stylistic flair? Our sconces have got you covered! Just like our chandelier, our sconces provide a unique look that is transitional into any style. Each sconce we create is handcrafted just for YOU. We have 5+ designs that will perfectly cater your design dreams.


Last year, illuminating a home was one of the most common trends. As analytics continue to roll in, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away in 2022. Let’s craft the ideal sconce for your living space, small or large! Does delicate branching, clean lines, elegant structures, and candles sound like YOU? We are certain it does. That’s why Wish Designs USA is what you need. 

For more information on Wish Designs USA, please visit us at our website or call us at 724.598.7793. Give us a follow on ALL of our social media pages for more design inspiration. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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