Made in the USA this Memorial Day 

Here at Wish Designs USA, we would like to take a moment to express our gratitude. We wish everyone a blessed Memorial Day. We hope that this day can be filled with remembrance and pride. We honor the many brave heroes who have gone before us. Thank you for your sacrifice. Let us take today to remember and honor those who have fought for our freedom. Our freedom indeed is not free. 




On this Memorial Day, we wanted to share some insight on Wish Designs USA. Our company is unique for many reasons. One of our favorite reasons is that our company is based in America. We have been making and creating innovative designs for years. Since 1978, Wish Designs USA has been manufacturing authentic artisan interior design decor, including hickory branch chandeliers, sconces, and artisan rugs. Our handcrafted designs have been featured in luxury homes, cabins, hotels, restaurants, wedding venues, and more. We carry the national pride of being an American and understand the importance of shopping for domestic products. 


According to Furniture Today, buyers are enamored with America-made products. In today’s market, USA based companies are hard to come by. Some consumers want their products fast. Some are even willing to sacrifice quality for speed of delivery. Consumers are seeing this trend all over the United States when purchasing from overseas companies. Wish Wish Designs USA, customers never have to worry about sacrificing any detail. We ensure quality, quantity, and the American-made label.



Statistically, 48% of men and 43% of women are more likely to buy from companies that are based in the United States (Furniture Today, 2021) . There is in fact American pride for USA based shoppers. Furniture Today also stated that 33% of their survey takers indicated how important it was to support USA products. Buying local impacts a lot of the younger generation’s buyer decision making. From this survey, the overall consensus indicated that buyers are willing to pay 6% to 10% more for domestic products. Buyers appreciated that “American-based status.” Luckily, Wish Designs USA understands. 


Wish Designs USA Products

Wish Designs offers many products to enhance any interior design project. Here is an outline of some of our favorites:

Chandeliers: While our chandeliers are handcrafted here in the USA, they are also made from “local sustainably sourced materials.” These chandeliers can be customized to fit any design need: Rustic to modern, traditional to contemporary… you name it! 


Sconces: Our sconce collection is truly one of a kind. Crafted with the same quality and care, these sconces can make the perfect staple piece in your design space.



Artisan Rugs: YOU are in total control over your rug designs. Wish Design USA rugs are a must have for any residential or commercial space. These unique products are machine washable regardless of what size is purchased. Wish Designs can even coordinate matching pillow sets to really tie in a room together. 


Whether or not you are looking to redesign your living space or add some personal touches, Wish Designs USA has your back. Shop domestic with us today and take pride in your American-made products. We sure do!