Summer Interior Design Trends: Featuring Modern Farmhouse Designs

Summertime is just around the corner and here at Wish Designs USA, we want to prepare you for some popular 2022 trends that are hitting the interior design markets in waves. We know how much everyone loves the Modern Farmhouse look. We are seeing houses, hotels, restaurants, and even popular stores like Hobby Lobby take on this popular style. We have Chip and Joanna Gaines from the popular television show, Fixer Upper, to thank for that! 

If you are planning a large renovation project in 2022, it’s time to discuss some of the largest interior design features that will be popping up this summer. Let’s take a journey inside a modern farmhouse. 

Interior Design Trends

This summer, Modern Farmhouse design is taking on multiple rooms accented with layered textures, warm elements, and nature-rooted colors. According to Home Bunchall of these elements are sure to open up a space and welcome others into it. For those experimenting with modern farmhouse designs, you can count on trendy patterns, vault ceilings, natural light, and varying woods and unique light fixtures. Here are some of our latest tips and tricks to obtain this style in your favorite space. 



The Great Room

The Great Room can also be known as your living room. Somewhere with a lot of foot traffic and where family and friends gather for joy and deep-seated conversation. A Great Room is supposed to feel GRAND. Think, “ wide-open concept,” yet with a touch of neutral color and warm wood tones, this space feels so inviting. It’s all about creativity and personalization. Consider adding shiplap to free wall space or even a fun design over your fireplace. 

 The Kitchen

We are loving this kitchen design from one of our clients. Not only do they have a trendy modern farmhouse, but this kitchen showcases one of our beautiful twig chandeliers. Isn’t this the perfect staple piece? It really does tie this whole room together. Along with our chandelier, check out the fun kitchen backsplash. Modern farmhouse design is all about trendy patterns. Also, the incorporation of varying woods warms up the space. White walls and greenery are wonderful accents in making this room Chip and Joanna approved! 

The Den 

Let’s talk about the den, a cozy room designed for a few loved ones to catch up or watch their favorite TV show. Maybe even Fixer Upper? Den’s are meant to be relaxing, inviting, and tranquil environments. What better way to cozy up a room than with a customizable rug? Rugs are an important piece of any space. Especially with summer-time allergies, you’ll want a rug that is machine washable and comfortable for anyone to walk or sit on. While the modern farmhouse style likes to stay in neutral color pallets, accent colors are always welcome. For a rug that fits every design need, we promise that Wish Designs USA is the right company to do business with. Styled right here in the USA, Wish Designs prides itself on originality and versatility. Your modern farmhouse rug is just a phone call away.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some modern farmhouse styles. Please follow Wish Designs USA on our social media platforms, and don’t ever hesitate to reach out. Start your next design project with us! Contact us at 724.598.7793 today.