It’s a Good Friday to Introduce Spring-Time Design  


In 2022, we are seeing all kinds of unique design trends. Specifically for your living spaces, Wish Designs USA is going to provide YOU with some of the most popular interior tips and tricks for this spring. We thought today was a Good Friday to introduce some of our favorite spring-time colors and trends. In the spirit of this holiday weekend, let’s hop right into it! 


The Reverse: Bringing the Outdoors Inside 


Throughout interior design magazines, blogs, and social media posts, Wish Designs is seeing how nature is brought into living spaces. We love clean lines, textures, and dusky colors coupled with plants, wood, and other outdoor materials. Think neutral! Calming spaces is what’s new and hot! Bringing in some subtle accents of nature helps capture a serene essence while boosting well-being and mental health. Learn more about this by visiting tips for interior health hacks


Bring in some natural garden greenery to your home while mixing it with a variety of woods. As you know, Wish Designs USA specializes in bringing bits of nature and unique design to your favorite living space. Our manufacturing is authentic-artisan design decor. Our handcrafted hickory branch chandeliers would make the perfect piece to weave into your home. Even our twig sconces would make a wonderful accessory to bring out your naturalistic design feel. Our designs not only transform a room, but they are customized to fit your ideal project. Branch out with us! 


Statement Pieces and Bright Personality 


Personality is an important part of any interior design project. You want your space to reflect who you are as a person. Looking inside your home can be the greatest representation of YOU. While we just spoke about neutrals, let’s flip to the complete opposite side of the color spectrum. Let’s Get Loud with our spring-time colors and ample staple pieces. Wish Designs Coastal Living Orange Artisan Branch Chandelier


While we love our calming designs, we also enjoy incorporating bold color and textures into our spaces. Brightly colored rooms truly lift the spirits of living areas, even if it’s as simple as designing an accent wall. According to Real Homes, pattern mixing like a pro is a key trend to enhance the energy in any space, creating a bold, impactful aesthetic. We love rooms that are packed with joy and the spirit of one’s personality. Take a look at some of these colorful designs our clients requested. Wouldn’t you love to see some melon colors throughout your home? Wish Designs thoroughly enjoys handcrafting each and every product, especially when we can throw in some splashes of energizing color. What spring colors do you like best? Let us know!


Take a look at our Spring-Time Gallery: Featuring Rooms blossoming with Colors! 




In Conclusion… 


So, how can you spruce up your living area with some spring-time flair? Contact us here at Wish Designs USA to help with your interior design dreams. We promise our products will be the perfect fit to your spring refresh. Call us today at 724-598-7793 or email us at Be sure to follow our business on our social media accounts. We can’t wait to start designing with you soon!