There are NO Design Rules. Choose the Perfect Chandelier for Each Room!

Chandeliers have been staple pieces for generations. They start by tying a room together and then showcase an owner’s natural stylistic flair. They bring a particular essence to every room, each catering to its own ambiance. Our chandeliers can be put anywhere and everywhere! Whether you want to show them off in your living room, dining room, or bedroom, our chandeliers are the perfect highlight to brighten up your home. 

According to the Toronto Interior Design Group, there are many elements to consider when choosing a chandelier. As long as the scale is right, it will make an incredible addition to any room. Did you know that small chandeliers are becoming more popular? We are seeing a wide range of designs in homes, hotels, restaurants, and even cabins. Our chandeliers give guests an introduction to luxury… even in the smallest spaces. Whether your aesthetic is rustic, modern, traditional, or contemporary, we have a chandelier that will fit every design need. It’s important to make a thoughtful design choice. There are NO rules!

Here is why you want to choose Wish Designs USA Chandelier Collection to accent your home: 

For your living room, our chandeliers give additional beauty and style to your most popular space. Visitors will immediately see it and feel welcomed in through your keen attention to style and detail. 

For your dining room, a chandelier can truly bring loved ones together after a long busy day. By adding a small accent to your space, you will give your friends and family a classic dinner no matter how simple the menu is for the night.

For your bedroom, it’s time to set the mood. Romance it is! Create a stylish space for you and your loved one. Get comfortable under our soft lighting and enjoy a restful evening.


For your guest room, what better way to accommodate your petite space with one of our handcrafted designs? Adding a small chandelier to your guest bedroom can make this space feel more personalized and thoughtful. Intricacy adds interest!


For your bathroom, bring in a sense of luxury. Why not make your bathroom a showstopper? It’s time to elevate even the most uninspiring bathroom fixtures with a Wish Designs chandelier. 


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