Fall in Love with Your Modern Farmhouse Dream Home 

It is no surprise that Chip and Joanna Gaines have made a design impact throughout the United States. We could argue that their modern farmhouse flair is continuing to influence millions of families across the globe. Fixer Upper, one of the most popular shows on the Discovery Channel, continues to make waves in the interior design world. The Gaines’ family-friendly television program has captured the hearts of millions and has helped shift the design space in many ways. 

Over the past five years, we have seen the modern farmhouse theme incorporated into products used throughout every-day life. Updated light fixtures and door knobs are just the start. Design standards have changed in popular stores like Home Goods, Target, and even Walmart, to adhere to Fixer Upper style. You can even shop the Magnolia brand at Target.

What is a Modern Farmhouse? 

Modern Farmhouse is currently one of the most popular architectural styles. From once originating in the south, we are seeing its popularity travel up north. It is easy to fall in love with the modern farmhouse look. Why? It is chic and gracefully combined with an upscale vibe. It is rustic yet contemporary all in one. What more can you ask for in a home? 

For those who may not be so familiar, you may be asking yourself what makes a modern farmhouse? Floor plans typically capture the best of both worlds. Clean sleek lines of a contemporary home are matched with the comfort and coziness found in a farmhouse. Woods of all kinds are utilized and personalized towards an individual’s preference. 

The color favorite of modern farmhouse design is WHITE. Neutrals are continuing to make a comeback, especially during these past few years of living in a pandemic. Families are wanting to brighten up their lives with the help of simple paint tones. Light-grained wood brings out the simplicity and livability of a modern farmhouse home. 

So what should you expect in a floor plan? Ample windows! The more sunshine the better. Wrap-around porches combined with modern features makes this design worthwhile. Tall ceilings and open floor plans are also typical for these homes. Clean and spacious areas are truly what people are loving.

Time to Personalize 

One of the greatest parts of the modern farmhouse style is a lot of it is DIY. For all of the innovators and creators out there, this style may be for you. While many people design their modern farmhouse from scratch, many have a true passion for restoring something old and run down and amplifying it to showcase its beautiful character. Many designers and homeowners use nature to highlight textures and style. For example, plants and mixing of woods are just a few items to consider.

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