Not Floored By Your Recent Rug Purchase? Visit Wish Designs USA.

Shoppers believe that rugs are the anchor of a room. Here at Wish Designs USA, we would have to agree. Rugs are the perfect staple piece for conforming to any space. That’s why at Wish Designs, we guarantee that our customizable rugs are truly unmatched and worth your purchase. 

Feeling green? Our rugs are produced right here in the USA from repurposed and recycled materials. Not to mention that they are machine washable, extra durable, and can be designed in any color and size. The ultra suede texture is beyond expectations, allowing everyone to feel comforted and at home in style. 

The Data

It’s official. The data has been collected. Did you know that one-fourth of rug shoppers are dissatisfied with their purchase? According to Furniture Today, the majority of shoppers are comfortable making rug purchases online. It’s no wonder rug shoppers begin to feel discouraged. When faced with so many options, it can quickly become overwhelming. Why is it so hard to find the perfect rug when there are so many options? 

In today’s world, everyone has their style while designers are trying to keep up with the latest and greatest trends. From abstract to geometric prints to practicality, rugs are everywhere yet difficult to find. 

Rug shopping online should not be a chore. Your experience should be easy and enjoyable. Allow Wish Designs to help you along in your home-decor shopping process. Get ready to upgrade your living space with a rug that completely fits your style. Find and customize one with us that suits your budget and showcases your inclined design. We guarantee that you will find THE rug. THE rug will be the correct size, made out of the right materials, and of course… fit within your price range. 

According to the rug experts from Into the Wash, distinct trends are beginning in 2022. The top five trends are: 

  • Antique 
  • Muted Neutrals 
  • Hides and Patterns 
  • Geometric 
  • Flat Woven

Rug Cuts 

Why adhere to one trend when you can get an all-in-one perfect rug? Wish Designs area rugs are the go everywhere ultimate in underfoot luxury. If you need a rug cut for your specific need, we have your back. We offer a variety of different cuts. 

Blunt Cut: Perfect for your clean, crisp, and contemporary style home 

Random Cut: Hand cut in a variety of shapes and sizes. Amazing for

 modern-styled homes. We recommend bringing in some animal prints to make a statement!

Short Crop: Elegant fringe. This is our classic Monat, made with many colors and ready for your personal touch. 

Straw Matt Cut: Hungry? This is our fettuccine look. Nothing but tasteful stripes, creating a thick and plush appearance. 

Whisper Cut: Shhhhh. This is our most delicate, soft, and fine rug. Materials are hand-cut for any variation of style. 


Are you ready to purchase your first rug with Wish Designs USA? You can have faith in us. Create an online order or call to speak with us directly for your next design project. We look forward to hearing from you! 724-598-7793.