Who Won $500? Featuring Our Chandelier Photo Contest Winner!

Happy New Year from our family to yours. Here at Wish Designs USA,  we are in disbelief that 2022 has already started! We are eager to start working with some of our past clients again as well as welcoming some new customers to the Wish Designs family. We really wanted to start off the New Year on the right foot. What better way to establish a positive foundation than to do a giveaway to a well-deserved customer!

If you don’t already know, Wish Designs USA gave its past and current clients the opportunity to win $500! We conducted a photo contest for our clients to showcase their Wish Designs products in their living spaces. Our candidates submitted a photo of their favorite product(s), wrote a small description about the installation, and submitted it through our email at wishdesigns@wishdesignsusa.com. Both amateur and professional photos were welcome. We received SO MANY beautiful photos of our chandeliers. It was very difficult to choose one winner! 

We won’t hold you in suspense much longer…. 

…. And the winner is….


Featuring: Appalachian Trail Chandelier 

Congratulations Maria! Your photo was absolutely stunning. We appreciate your creativity with this living space. We all can agree that our Appalachian Trail chandelier makes a wonderful focal point to this room. Wish Designs USA values quality, reliability, and beauty of each hand-crafted product. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy and guide them each step of the way through customization and personalization. 

Did you know we have 5-Star reviews on Google and Facebook? Take it from us! We value each and every customer and love jumping into new and creative projects. If you want a second opinion, look no further than our contest winner, Maria Donahue. She loves her Appalachian Trail chandelier: 

“The custom 10-light Appalachian Trail is the focal point of this Big Sky, Montana cabin.  It catches your eye as soon as you enter the cabin and enhances your spectacular view of the mountains.  It is light and bright in the summer and a snowy wonderland in the winter.  This cabin was designed for three sibling owners to have a place to come together and make lifelong memories with their children.  It has been a dream to both design and partake in these memories.  Thank you to Wish Designs for creating the perfect piece to pull everything together,” – Maria Donahue. 

We hope that you will consider doing business with us! We enjoy meeting new customers and designing spectacular focal points for ALL living spaces. Take a look at some of the beautiful photo submissions below. Can’t you see one of these beautiful chandeliers in your home? We sure can! Contact us today at wishdesignsusa.com and follow us on our social media platforms. 



Some of our Favorite Reviews

Greg Beshero – 5-Stars 

(Facebook): The sheer creativity of the lighting fixtures is amazing!

Paul Cowan – 5-Stars

(Google): Ordered a fixture. Service is great, packaging to ensure the twig chandelier didn’t break was fantastic. Quality of the product is excellent – expected it to be much more fragile. It was not – it stood up to being moved and installed without worry of pieces breaking.


Beautiful Photo Contest Submissions





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