Pulling It All Together – Artisan Rug Edition

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays around the corner, home preparation is another headache just waiting to happen. Instead of focusing on the joys of the season, it is easy to get caught up in cleaning and designing your home. Every host wants their guests to feel “at home,” yet they want to keep it clean and durable. According to the New York Times, this is important to homeowners. So, how can you maintain a fresh, festive, and long-lasting season? Two words: Artisan Rugs! Rug Review 3

Your room is not complete without a rug. With a world full of never-ending options, Wish Designs ultra suede rugs are truly unmatched. We guarantee that our unique designs will not only pull your room together but will also invite your loved ones in for a good time.

The beautiful thing about Wish Design rugs is that they are produced through a platform of recycled and repurposed materials. They are completely custom and machine washable, no matter the size. This is perfect for foot traffic during this upcoming busy season. 

Choosing the right rug can be crucial considering most rugs selected for a space can stay there for decades. Rugs will serve as a daily reminder as to whether or not you made a great decision for your space… or a poor one. Luckily, Wish Designs has a large selection of sizes, colors, and even cuts for your personal preference. 

When it comes to selecting home decor, rugs are by far the most versatile. We consider our artisan rugs to be multi-taskers. What do we mean by this? Our rugs are capable of enhancing your style while also hiding imperfections in one fell swoop. Here at Wish Designs, we would even go so far as to recommend our rugs as a necessity. Not only will our rugs enhance your decor, but they will brighten up your space, change a color scheme, and invite your visitors to stay awhile. Because of how durable our rugs are, having one of our designs could increase the safety of your home, protect your wood flooring, keep noise controlled, and provide comfort. There should never be a case where you have to sacrifice on what you want your rug to accomplish. Why not have an ALL IN ONE with a Wish Designs’ Artisan Rug.

Is your space ready to showcase such a beautiful piece of art? Let’s talk about it! Whether it’s a custom project, general questions, or pricing, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today by email, phone number, or our social media channels. Time to tie your room together! 

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