Keeping Your Family Safe: Healthy Cleaning Tips from Wish Designs USA

Many of us focus on individual tastes and design preferences when curating the perfect home. Even cleanliness habits tend to change from person to person. Having a home that is easy to clean is beyond the norm…. But when it comes to COVID and other viruses coupled with chilling temperatures, most would agree that maintaining a clean atmosphere is important. We can all do our part to pitch in and clean with the same healthy habits. 

Cleaning regularly is crucial to do to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. Now that we are entering the colder months, our friends and family will be spending most of their time indoors. According to the CDC, covid rates are on the rise in comparison to the last few months. So, how can we keep people comfortable and safe in our space? 

Here at Wish Designs, we want to present our customers with the right way to keep homes and businesses tidy. With being in the middle of the holiday season, we understand that there will be more foot traffic than usual. Here are some tips and tricks to maintain a healthy home: 

Clean high surfaces regularly

A Wish Designs chandelier is a perfect example. Utilize a dust want to run over and around the nooks and crannies of each designed branch. Allergens, bacteria, and pollutants can all stick together up there. Even using a small vacuum can help navigate around the branches to clean the lighting. This will go a long way. Another quick tip, never turn or rotate your chandelier. You could risk losing its support. Visit one of our past blogs on how to tidy up your Wish Design chandelier.

Focus on surfaces that are constantly touched

Because our rugs are so plush and comfortable, of course, people will want to nestle up to our customizable fabrics. It is important to vacuum, dust, and wash your extremely durable Wish Design rug. Did you know that rugs affect your health by keeping the air you breathe clean? Rugs continuously act as dust filters and absorb ALL germs. Think of your Wish Design rug as an expensive air filter or water purifier. When cleaned and taken care of correctly, it will positively impact your health. Rugs can reduce the dust, allergens, and bacteria floating around in the air.

You will also want to be cautious of high-touch areas like light switches, candles, and other holiday decor. As beautiful as our resin pillar candle lights and hand-dipped taper bulbs are, they can get dusty and dirty. Remove the light bulbs and dust inside the recessed areas. Take advantage of wiping them down so those lights never dim! Let them glisten along with your holiday spirit. 

We wish you great health and joy this holiday season. Take on our healthy cleaning habits to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!